45 Feature-Rich Best SEO Tools in 2019 Every Digital Marketer Must Try

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a crucial part of any website or online business. In order for your site to show up in major search engines (seen by potential visitors and future customers) and perform in an optimal fashion, SEO knowledge is something you will not be able to avoid.

Aside from paying a webmaster and SEO expert to track, monitor, audit, and generally manage the success of your business or website, you have the option of investing in SEO tools.

Do yourself a favor, keep the reigns to your website or business in your own hands. This article highlights ten of the most effective SEO tools available for commercial use.


Considered by many SEO pros to be one of the top competitive analysis tools on the market. This is one of our favorite tool used for research, site audits, and keyword rankings.

It is extremely useful in finding the most profitable keywords of your direct competitors, finding unique link building opportunities, and of course finding the best target keywords for your own business website.

SEO Audits are a breeze with SEMRush, as are creating SEO reports for clients or personal use. Other cools features include tools that help you track your top organic competitors, understanding your competitors strategy, and finding your competitors highest performing content.

Side-by-side domain comparison. Monitoring changes within search engine rankings. How do find the best backlinking sources for your business, SEO optimization, in depth SEO reports, and even creating branded reports.



If you have recently created a business online, built a website, and have not yet received the traffic you feel your new company deserves. Don't let your time and money go to waste. Ahrefs may be just the tool you are looking for.

Ahrefs will help you to find out exactly how and why your competitors are outranking you in search engines and getting more sales than you are. Discover your competitions highest ranking keywords.

Find the backlinks connecting your competitors to high ranking websites which in turn is boosting their traffic and sales. Ahrefs in depth crawler will explore every inch of your business website and break down everything that you’re doing wrong and then show you what you need to do in order to fix it.

Gain access to detailed automatic reports which track your keywords, new backlinks, and search engine rankings in order to monitor your websites improvements. Take the guesswork out of SEO and learn to handle your business like a true expert with this tool.

SEO Powersuite

A suite of SEO tools that SEO professionals around the world use on a daily basis for a cutting edge against their competitors. This powerful software can be used for an enormous range of things, from link building opportunities to full in depth website audits.

This is a tool that covers every little aspect of your SEO campaigns, in other words, this is an inclusive all-in-one SEO program. The four main tools of SEO powersuite are Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass, and Link Assistant.

You can use these awesome tools for complete and in depth SEO audits of entire websites, tracking your rankings in every major search engine like Yahoo, Bing, and Google, as well as discovering and creating databases of you and your main competitors backlinks.

Another cool feather is the ability to explore and discover high quality sources to link up with for better rank standings. SEO Powersuite has an easy to use interface and is available for use with Windows and Mac PCs as well as Linux operating systems.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is an advanced keyword research tool similar to Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Moz, SEMRush, Market Samurai and other more well known industry competitors.

This tool will help you to better understand both keywords for your own business as well as keywords used by your competitors. Keyword research is vital to understanding which keywords you and your business need to be using in order to gain a better ranking in search engines.

Long Tail Pro will help you to tweak your titles, posts, blogs, and meta descriptions in order to help you build your SEO and in turn build your rankings. Discover which keywords will absolutely rank first in Google searches done by your potential customers.

Start generating positive position building keywords and begin to dominate your niche market with Long Tail Pro keyword research tool.


A powerful SEO tool with all the right features. With SERPed you can control every aspect of SEO for your business or website.

SERPed works well with just about any domain indexing extensions you can imagine. Explore keyword research on both your own and your competitors main keywords.

Build entire databases of backlinks and discover link building opportunities to boost traffic and sales. Restore content from domains exactly as they were before going down. Mobile Prospecting tool helps you gain new clients from email and phone calling campaigns.

The powerful built in Site Auditor will also help you find additional new ways to increase sales and traffic. SEO pros claims SERPed can help you increase your site traffic by two thousand percent.

Check out SERPed features now!


One of the most powerful SEO & research tools available online. SpyFu is web based so you can log into it from any mobile devices including WinPhone, iOS, Android, and Blackberry, as well as from your personal computer. Tool contains a powerful and easy to use interface.

The Trends feature allows you to monitor current trends on search engines and social media, including Google, Twitter, and Buzzfeed. View the most popular search trends and what people are talking about from all angles of the internet for any given day.

Search trends and hashtags either locally, globally, or country by country. The Bookmarks feature allows you to mark trend searches for later use in SpyFu.

Brainstorming is a nifty section of the program, which helps you to come up with hot ideas for awesome content, whether for social media, a business website, social media or some other outlet. FB Ad Tool lets you search face book for hot topics and popular content.


Boost your business or website to the top of the charts with WebCEO, an extremely useful set of SEO tools built into one convenient software package.

Promote your business and attract more traffic to your site than ever before. Satisfy your traffic and effectively convert them into customers. Keyword Suggestion Tool helps you find the right keywords and phrases to target for optimization in search engines.

Gain complete and detailed reports for maximizing optimization by finding and correcting on site errors. Use the HTML Editor to easily make the needed changes to achieve higher ranking.

Submit your site to over 200 different search engines and directories. Analyze link popularity with the Link Popularity Tool. Discover relevant linking partners with the Partner Finder.

Manage PPC Campaigns. Check a wide array of rankings including keywords and search engine standings for your site with Rank Checker.

Other worthy features are Site Auditor, Uptime Monitoring Service, Hitlens Traffic Analysis and more.


Fun and easy to use SEO tracking tool. A great tool for tracking the online presence of your business or website, SEO performance, keywords and more. Track specific keywords and their positions across multiple search engines, countries, and databases.

AuthorityLabs does not come with a built in keyword generator like some other more extensive tools, though it works with with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

In a little over an hour you will be presented with a detailed keyword list report showing you what kind of ranking each particular keyword currently has. Another cool feature of the software is that you can see exactly how your keyword ranking has changed over time.

Other note worthy aspects of Authority Labs is the simple to use interface, extensive historical data reports, export function of keyword ranking reports, and white label keyword reporting.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog SEO spider tool allows you to crawl and analyze thousands of URLs for SEO data quickly and efficiently.

Save hours of searching pages one by one for onsite SEO statistics,  find broken links, blocked resources, duplicate pages, word counts, meta descriptions, keywords and more.

Detect inlinks, outlinks, anchor texts, redirect chains and loops associated with URLs. The Screaming Frog SEO  spider tool allows you to take control of your crawls by micro-managing the results in real time and filtering the data as it is harvested.

A free lite version is available for download and allows users to crawl up to 500 URLs at a time for an unlimited amount of time. This free version of the  tool however does not give you the same powerful abilities of a paid account, such as saving your crawls, exporting options, or access to in-depth reports from Google Analytics.

White Spark

Need and stronger online presence and a larger customer base? White Spark may be just the tool you have been looking for. The powerful local SEO tools offered by these expert reputation builders will do just that, improve your search rankings and get you more business.

Monitor your growth and compare citations with your competitors through the Local Citation Finder tool. Access diverse reports on local customers with the Local Rank Tracking tool. Collect positive feedback and keep negative feedback at a minimum with the Reputation Builder tool. Other helpful services for your business provided by White Spark include Citation Building, Citation Audit & Cleanup, Enterprise Citation Services, and Local Search Audit.

Get access to free tools such as Review Handout Generator, Google Review Link Generator, making it quick and simple for customers to review your business on Google, as well as Offline Conversion Tracker when you sign up for an account with White Spark.

Check out Local Citation Finder and Local Rank Tracker

Traffic Travis

Stop wasting time by using several separate SEO tools and get with the program that will not only save you time and effort but will also save you space on your hard drive.

Traffic Travis also runs on it's very own platform and so uses less RAM than comparable to other similar softwares.

Equip with a smooth and easy to use dashboard, Traffic Travis offers simplistic yet powerful tools such as Keyword Finder, which allows you to analyze data dealing with target keywords on major search engines like Google and Bing.

After selecting keywords using Keyword Finder, use Keyword Sorter to set filters to perfect your desired results. Position and ranking tools are available with Traffic Travis as well.

Track your rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista and more as well as narrowing down which sites keywords rank the highest on.

Check which pages your websites are connected with through the Backlinks to Site tool. Other major available tools include SEO Analysis, Page Analysis, PPC Analysis, and Project Report Sub-tool.


SEnuke is one of the older SEO companies to be found online, which means they are one of the more experienced companies out there. Despite recent reviews being slightly negative, SEnuke TNG is still a powerful solution to launching your business to the top of the Google search engine rankings.

The tool has undergone major changes, updating itself to more than compete with the more modern SEO tools that seem to be popping up left and right.

SEnuke TNG is known for conquering Google’s constantly changing algorithm through free captcha solving, non-stop link building, using built-in proxies, more than effective keyword searches and more.

In the past the tool was focused mainly for larger companies and was required to be installed on at least three machines, the updated version has been streamlined to fit and run optimally on one machine.

The updated SEnuke TNG tool is easy to use, with no computer or SEO experience required, smooth dashboard, and is virtually risk free as it comes with a money back guarantee.

Blue Chip Backlinks

A powerful SEO tool which gives you instant access to operate 4 crawlers at one time, with no usage limits. Unlimited archiving abilities, save as many crawl campaigns and results as you want.

With a single click you are able to access thousands of high end domains available for purchase. A re-builder feature allows you to reconstruct domains to their previous state before they went down and view the entire earlier version of the site associated with the domain.

The tool comes with TC/CF metrics and Moz DA metrics as well as a built in SERP scanner. Free PBN tutrials are also available with the purchase of this Blue Chip Backlinks.

A lack of presence on social media has a lot to do with this awesome tool remaining somewhat unknown and questioned by perspective buyers.


An extremely useful service which creates an index of your business websites backlinks and then generates traffic to them by raising your SE ranking with Google.

OneHourIndexing is a completely automated service that understands and focuses on the fact that Google uses backlinks in order to rank websites and can crawl your websites backlinks for you in order to start your ranks climbing within hours.

OneHourIndexing works with all link types, though is best suited for businesses that run or manage multiple sites.

Boasting unlimited API integration and over 200,000 link allotments daily. Their strategy is approved by Google and completely safe to use. A money back guarantee is included with purchase.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a tool which aids you in building high quality links as well as getting rid of old links that are no longer needed.

Recently GSA SER has undergone several upgrades making this already powerful tool even better. Smooth and impressive dashboard allows you to easily view number of verified links, number of captchas solved, number of links submitted per minute, memory usage and more.

GSA Captcha Break is supposed to be one of the most impressive captcha solving tools on the internet. BuyProxies is another tool offered with GSA Search Engine Ranker, I believe this name of this name says it all.

Buy various and diverse proxies with this tool and add semi-dedicated proxies to your list of proxies for best results. Kontent Machine, Indexing, and Advanced Site List, are some of the other unique features that come with GSA Search Engine Ranker.

AWR Clouds

A leader in the search rank tracking industry, AWR Clouds, has a main focus on Google Analytics, backlinks, keyword research & tracking. Also gathering domain data and tracking the ever changing algorithms set by Google.

Easy to use streamlined dashboard makes AWR Clouds very appealing to users of all skill levels. Search Engine Comparison is a more than useful feature that shows comparisons of keyword ranks as well as over-all website visibility on the most popular search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

Integrated metrics tracking are also a nice feature of AWR Clouds if you are willing to connect your Google Analytics & Search Console accounts.

Crawling and link tracking are also offered by AWR Clouds to form a rather well rounded, powerful, user friendly (basically a click and point set up) set of SEO tools that just about any business or website owner can profit from.


SEOprofiler, another SEO tool based in the cloud can definetly help your business or website climb the oh so steep ladder to the top of the rankings for Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines.

SEOprofiler comes with a vast arsenal of toosl and features. Automatic Website Audits help cut down on SEO errors slipping through the cracks.

Backlink Builder helps you to find relevant websites to link up with. Daily Ranking Monitor is pretty self explanatory, it allows you to check your SE rankings on a daily basis.

Website Optimization helps your website to steadily find a way higher in said rankings. Other useful tools and features include Analytics & reporting, Social Media Monitor, Project Management, Keyword Optimization & Ranking Monitor, Worldwide Ranking Check & Competitor Monitoring and so much more.

Conveniently available on just about any platform you can imagine including Windows and Mac PCs as well as Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and WinPhone. Access this awesome SEO software from home, office, or somewhere in between. SEOprofiler has got to be one of the coolest SEO tools I have seen yet.


Majestic is a well known SEO tool that formerly went by the name Majestic SEO. Unlike other other popular tools that fall under the same category, Majestic is not an application that specializes on ranking building and statistics, SEO metrics, tracking, or anything to do within the world of keywords.

It is specifically for backlinks. Majestic is a great tool to have in addition to any of the all-in-one type tools that are typically somewhat lacking in the backlinks department.

Completely web-based, this tool is super easy to access from most browsers and has special extensions for FireFox and Chrome.

Marketed as the biggest commercial backlinking service available to online users, it is also one of the oldest backlink indexes in existence. The company has been adding to it for almost 8 years.

Other features unique to Majestic are their link building tools, their list of top million ranking websites on the web, multiple backlink and domain comparison tools, API, several options for automatic reports and more.


Raven Tools is considered by many to be an all-in-one software for digital marketing. And even though no such thing is actually come to existence yet, Raven does appear to be about as close as it gets.

Get full access to a wide array of full data coverage on site metrics including, authority, rankings, and social metrics of websites with the Search feature. In-depth reporting on any existing issues within a site are available with the Site Auditor.

View speed of specific pages, page-optimization, visibility issues and more in a smooth easy to read report. A cool feature of the Site Auditor is that it is a good way to show clients, or see for yourself, exactly how many errors have been corrected.

With automatic snapshots taken by Raven it is super easy to see just how much improvement has been made to said sites and domains. Raven makes campaign management and tracking site-performance a breeze.

Market Samurai

An older but still more than useful SEO tool, Market Samurai has been around longer than many competitor tools. Two of the most popular features with Market Samurai users are Keyword Rsearch and SEO Competition.

Manually add keywords to searches or upload pre-made lists of your own for your searching needs. Not quite sure what keywords to search? That is O.K. as well, Market Samurai has you covered with the Generate Keywords option that comes along with the Keyword Research feature.

Easily remove non-useful keywords are results begin pouring in. Analyze keywords with the click of a button and be shown simple to read reports.

The SEO Competition feature is also very cool. It takes your desired keywords and automatically generates reports of top Google searches based on said keywords. Results are displayed in user friendly graphs. Other features include domain searching, monetization, and content publishing to name a few.


SERPStat is a relatively new kid on the block as far as SEO tools are concerned. However, it is rapidly becoming known as an affordable all-in-one software for digital marketing.

One of the best things about SERPStat is that it is completely web-based, which means that it is easy to use on just about all browsers.

Main functions features of this newish tool consist of Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research, Rank Tracker, Site Audit, and Website Analysis. Sub features of this all-in-one include API, Backlink Indexing, Historical PPC ad Databases, Reporting Suite, Keyword Databases, Search and Web Tracking Metrics, Training Documents, Website Rankings and more.

Other impressive features of SERPStat is that it will automatically search and compare stats for keywords that match your site, whether you ask it to or not, and build you lists of missing keywords that you should add to your site in order to maximize traffic. It also gives reports on money earned from sites, technical advice, and comes with built in chat support.


Optimize your site with WooRank SEO Tool. WooRank is currently operable in six languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish) and has an extremely user-friendly interface supported on iOS, Android, WinPhone, Blackberry, and Mobile Web.

Monitor ranking, keywords, competitors, major issues, and of course positive progress of your site when you access the features offered by WooRank SEO Tool. Full support for Facebook Business, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console accounts included for maximized data crawl reports.

Major features of WooRank include Banklink management, Competitive analysis, Keyword analysis, Page grader, SERP ranking and tracking, Site audit, diagnosis, recommendations, and task management. Multi-domain support, integrated web analytics tools as well as Local, Social, Mobile, and Global SEO Channels. Full video tutorials and webinars, social media integration, and full customer support available.

Expired Article Hunter

A very useful and high recommended software for finding expired content for your business or website. It is designed to scrape old articles from expired domains. In a matter of clicks you will have access to millions of expired domains.

Simply input keywords and the tool goes to work saving you precious time and effort. Easy to use interface makes things even more simple.

Proxies are recommended for use with this particular software to maximize over all effectiveness of results. You can import your own or even buy proxies in-house.

Expired Article Hunter also comes with Copyscape built right in so that you can quickly check articles for level of uniqueness. Say goodbye to over paying for website content and hello to Expired Article Hunter.

Domain Hunter Gatherer

A software for finding expired domains. This software allows you to surf the web for domains that have already been dropped.

These domains have already been through the auction houses and are available for direct purchase. The software is also great for searching out domains with awesome backlinks and metrics, which you can then buy for normal registration costs and escape paying an unnecessarily high price tag.

Users rate Domain Hunter Gatherer extremely high on the list of similar software and SEO tools. Thousands of domains become available at the click of a button. Several filters are available as well.

DHG works well with Trust Flow, Domain Authority, Page Authority, or whatever other filters you prefer to choose from. These filters help you easily sort through thousands of domains to find only the ones that fit your personal preferences.

An easy to use dashboard and the ability to run and save multiple campaigns makes DHG even better. Dominate your niche and start making more money today.

Kontent Machine

Kontent Machine is pretty catchy from the get-go. With eye pleasing visuals upon loading and a fancy user interface. Runtime by Microsoft is required however. This program is a completely automated content creator.

Promoted as the most powerful SEO content builder ever. It is a cutting-edge program that is changing the rules of the game for creating SEO optimized content. Kontent Machine focuses on generating fresh and Unique context in order to achieve greater success with SEO link building.

Four options for scraping relevant content from sources exist with KM; Built-In Article, Built-In Article plus Local Files, Locally Saved Files, and The Leading Articles Market Place.

Take control over quality by choosing between 3 levels of by creating your own with Kontent Machine results.

Spinner Chief, Spin Chimp, Spin Recruiter, The Best Spinner and Word AI are integrable with KM as well as it having a built in customized spinning tool.

The Best Spinner

One of the best spinners out there (no pun intended). Truly, as the name suggests, this seems to be one of the effective and undetectable commercial spinners available on the web. Free updates are included.

The best spinner allows you to integrate major link building tools such as SeNukeX and others to give you even more “spinnibility.”

Copyscape account holders can run plagiarism checks right from the software as well as using Best Spinner Uniqueness Check to assure that your spun articles are in top form and ready for use.

Compare Articles is a cool new feature that comes with the current version of The Best Spinner. It allows you to compare more than one spun articles in order to select only the best content and avoid plagiarism in duplicate articles. Spin content in as little as seconds.

Video tutorials as well as PDF how-to-guide cover everything you need to know to optimize your success with The Best Spinner.


If English is not your first langauge, or even if it is, this super popular grammar checker could well be your new best friend.

Checking your grammar, and of course basic simple spelling mistakes, is only the tip of the iceberg that is Grammarly. No other grammar or spell checker online (that I know of) catches as many errors, let alone provides a detailed report.

Provides detailed reports with suggestions of how to make necessary corrections as well. It is available in software version as Grammarly Microsoft Office, as well as an online dashboard version directly accessible via their main website.

Some of the more impressive errors Grammarly finds that similar web tools and software tend to generally miss are confused prepositions, overly wordy sentences, lengthy paragraphs, and over using a passive voice.

Plagiarism checking is also provided by Grammarly. Multiple file types are supported too. While Grammarly may not be a replacement for a talented human proofreader, they now have an option for hiring a proofreader for 2 cents a word straight through the dashboard.


CognitiveSeo tools focuses in link building, rank tracking, and SEO project management. This tool will help you save hours of work when it comes to gathering up-to-date and accurate data.

Start dominating your Niche when you learn to make link-building part of your daily routine with the help of CognitiveSEO.

Research either competitor backlinks, or backlinks to your own pages, with the Backlinks Reports area. Analyze up to 20,000 backlinks per search. Save charts and export data.

Monitor your links and ranking through campaigns. View in depth details using the link preview feature which highlights key links data in unique metric reports.

Choose custom filter settings with CognitiveSEO including page rank, multiple HTTP status code, site type, and link location for optimizing your link building campaigns.

Yoast SEO

In many WordPress users opinion, Yoast SEO is the best thing since sliced bread. With over a million plugins available on the WordPress platform, Yoast SEO ranks all the way at the top. This more than impressive and powerful SEO tool comes with an awesome dashboard that is easy to use.

From General settings you can get started with Yoast resource listings and integrated features. Redirect Manage allows you to fix crawl errors like broken links and pages, which need premoved. Also includes settings for Automatic Redirects and Importing Existing Redirects.

Multile Focus Keywords is another pretty awesome feature of Yoast which allows you an input of up to 5 keywords at a time. This feature works great for the tracking of secondary keywords and crafting headlines to include keywords. One of the coolest features I have seen from Yoast SEO is its Social Previews, allowing you to get a good look at how your page, or posts, look like on the most popular social sites.

Download the free version now!


Hubspot has a simple content management system, and it works. No previous experience is necessary to be able to get results with Hubspot.

Powerful built in analytics tools let you track almost every aspect of your websites traffic. Learn what is working for your website, and what is wasting your time, as well as getting a grip on important keywords for you and your business.

Hubspot will help you master SEO in no time. Use the tools provided with this software and get to adjusting and optimizing your pages right away.

Lead grading, follow-up email, and lead capturing and grading ultimately will help you to build a better customer base and generate more sales.

SEO blogging platform helps drive more traffic to your websites front door, this is one of the best features of Hubspot if you ask me. Without a powerful blogging platform, a business is like a canoe without a paddle. It will be there in the water, but it won’t do much of anything.


Search popular keywords for multiple search engines with WordTracker keyword research tool. Discover profitable keywords for you and your business.

Discover untapped niches and learn the right keywords to dominate the market. Analyze the keywords that you discover from multiple major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

You must sign up for an account to use this free tool and log in every time you search for keywords. Generate 100 relevant keywords from your seed search with the free version of WordTracker. Easy sign up with smooth user interface.

US, UK, and Global keyword search options. View number of keywords search, number of searches, and competition with focus on the same keywords that you are searching.

IAAT feature shows you how many pages your keyword appears in as well as how many titles your keyword appears in.

The KEI feature shows you the number of times a keyword has been searched. If you are in the market for organic SEO, WordTracker is definitely an SEO tool that you must try out.


This massive software program is an amazing tool for performing full audits of domain contents, link prospecting, and for collecting analytic data. Link up with other popular APIs while using URLprofiler to even further enhance your experience.

Main focus of URLprofiler is just as the name implies, the tool is for profiling your website, or competitor websites, in great detail.

Discover trends whether based on links or social shares and more. Easy setup, easy to use interface, and versatile settings depending upon the system your running the program on.

Link Metrics will gather massive amounts of data from backlinks analysis to just about every form of data you can imagine. Several filters are available. Tailor your settings to the specific analysis that you are trying to do with ease.

uClassify is an additional form of content analysis that comes with URLprofiler based off of types of languages used as well as tone of language and more. Proxies work well and are recommended with URLprofiler for content scraping.

SEO Monitor

Marketed as the first SEO tool designed specifically for business managers. This tool helps to provide and break down data typically not provided with tools like Google Analytics in order to help you make more informed decisions for your business.

SEO Monitor will aid you in discovering keywords that your customers, or more importantly your potential customers, are using in order to find your business. Learning these keywords will help you to enhance your businesses SEO game.

Mastering the SEO of your business or niche is mastering the helm to success online. Without strong SEO you will not have a strong online business or line of traffic to your website. Track the exact amount of visits, transactions, and revenue that each keyword brings to you and your business.

The SEO Campaign segment of SEO Monitor will help you discover ways to use keywords to build your business. Relevant Keywords is another business-building feature that comes with many detailed metrics.

Competition Insight section gives you access to metrics from your top 5 competitors. The opportunity feature will show you exactly which keywords to focus on for better better revenue. Try SEO monitor today and take hold of your business.


I bet you can guess from the name, this tool is a deep crawler SEO tool. This crawler is pretty awesome, coming with a bunch of built in tools.

Backlink tools help you in analyzing existing backlinks as well as building new ones. On-page Analysis lets you gather in-depth data on targeted page URLs.

Site Audits help you to discover errors or weaknesses within your website by crawling it in search of said issues.

Local Marketing tools aid you in gaining higher standings with major search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Keyword Analysis, yep, you guessed it, helps you to gather a list of keywords for your niche or business that will increase traffic to your website.

SERP Rank Tracking is a feature which monitors organic search results for certain keywords and provides a history report.

Brand Alerts, Social Analytics, Website Analytics, and Competitive Comparisons and some of the other awesome features that come with DeepCrawl.

Popular Free SEO Tools

Google Analytics

A totally free and worth while set of Web based tools by Google for anyone with an online business, blog, or website in general. The Audience tab feature allows you to view all traffic in and out of your site, as well as the origin of time (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly).

You can also compare traffic from specific days (such as a year ago, etc.) and specific times to see how things have changed(which is really cool if you ask me).

You can also compare new visitors to returning visitors and time spent on your site, as well as average time spent. The technology tab feature allows you to view sort of devices and browsers your visitors are using to access your site.

The lists of features of this free SEO tool are truly amazing. A must try for anyone serious about increasing traffic and overall productivity of their website or online business.

Google Webmaster Tools

A free service offered by Google to site owners. You do not need to be an actual webmaster to understand how to use these easy to use tools, the service comes with free video introduction and tutorials which anyone can understand.

You must register and verify ownership to your site in order to use these free tools. Several ways of verifying your site exist. Once verified, data begins to accumulate over time and begin to take advantage of Google Webmaster Tools.

Monitor the profile of your website. Receive notifications via email in regards to issues with your site. Recover your website in case of a situation in which you lose important data.

Easily identify broken link and pages on your website and so much more. This is another must have tool for anyone running an online business or website.

Bing Webmaster Tools

A product of Microsoft, Bing Webmaster- added as an extension of the Microsoft's search engine ‘Bing' – helps a developer in adding their WebPages to the Bing Index of the search engine.

In addition to this, the web tool also helps in tackling issues pertaining to indexing and crawling, new content resources, Sitemap Creation, website statistics and so on and so forth.

The reasons one should always add their WebPages to Bing indexing is it is one of the best drivers of traffic, only second to Google and gives in-depth analysis of SEO data and reports.


How do you test an article whether it's genuine or plagiarized? Copyscape being trusted by several leading content management companies and brands is perhaps the most trusted anti-plagiarism algorithm out there!

Copyscape Premium – the flagship product of Copyscape – would assist you in keeping an eagle eye on the entire web for any content stolen from your website and published elsewhere. The tool is quick enough to alert you as soon as it senses any duplicate content of your site.

Check out Copyscape to find duplicate content!

XENU Broken Link Checker

A brainchild of Tilman Hausherr, XENU Broken Link Check helps to track the links (or backlinks located elsewhere) which are broken and inaccessible by the user.

A broken link is an enemy of SEO it prevents traffic from flowing into your website. Thanks to its developer, the SEO tool has the ability to track and root out any flaw in links which are working as a gateway to your website on other platforms.

The best part of this open source tool is it's available for free – which has given a sigh of relief to all those website owners who are traffic-hungry.

Check out free broken link finder software!

Alexa Siteinfo

This is another SEO tool that finds its place on the choice-list of almost every small business owner.

Alexa Siteinfo would keep you updated on your competitors' website traffic, thereby making you better at decision-making and formulate better marketing strategies for growing the horizon of your business.

SEO Improvement, Improve My Alexa Rank, Research Competitors, Compare Websites and Finding newer and innovative marketing ideas are some of the ingredients of Alexa Siteinfo- which alone can fulfill more than one-fourth of your future content marketing need.

Find out your Website traffic rank using Alexa

Google Pagespeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a great tool for small businesses – who are looking to adopt digital marketing to market their products and services. While GPI lets you track the time taken for the website to load and performance, both for mobile and desktop.

Check your website pagespeed with Google

XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemap is of paramount importance which is the ‘heart' of any website. Creating an XML sitemap ensures efficiency and reliability while setting up a roadmap to all the pages of the website even if the pages are not interlinked.

Create free XML Sitemap today!

Pingdom & GTMetrix

Nobody likes to see the face of a slow website.

Pingdom & GTMetrix- a cost-effective performance monitoring SEO tools- analyze the speed of the website and delivers results every minute (that's unbelievable!).

The reason for such high accuracy is it uses more than 70 locations globally deliver the real-time report. The statistics are generated automatically basis the reports it produces.

Not only does it give an analysis of the speed test each minute but also recommends actions to be taken in areas of improvement.

Find out your website load time with Pingdom and GTMetrix


Builtwith will come to your rescue while in dilemma of what technology to adopt when building your website.

Basically, this tool helps in tracking what technologies and ideas other websites are using so that it becomes easy for the developer to understand and build a website.

Not only this, the tools also track the stages of evolution of a certain technology that is being tracked.

Check out what technology used in the website! 

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