6 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2019 for Campaign Automation

Slowly with time and development, email marketing tools are gaining more and more popularity. Most of the people check their emails as the first thing in the morning. Email marketing tools provide updated information to various users and are very influential.

The email marketing tools can help you in the following ways:

  1. These tools have excellent editing options that can make your templates and your emails look really proficient.
  2. You can easily create newsletters on your own without any help.
  3. These tools give good financial returns. Beneficial financial returns are what makes a particular investment something worthwhile.
  4. The option of drag and drop is fast and saves a lot of time of the user
  5. These tools are a low-cost system of marketing in contrast to other methods that require high amounts of investments. You just need to invest in some good software and all work will be done efficiently and quickly.


Aweber is one of the most effective marketing automation tools on the internet. This tool is capable creating a new email list and templates for every one of your new posts and blog updates.

This will help you keep your customers or subscribers informed about your latest stories. This tool offers over 700 types of email templates which can be used for different purposes and on different targets.

The user is also able to send a sequence of automated emails which are delivered promptly during new updates.

This tools also facilitates easy management of your subscribers and even segment them. This can scrutinize your target strategy whenever you need it to.

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Convert Kit

This is another email marketing software which is specially designed for bloggers by another group of bloggers.

It uses attractive forms of email and a powerful automated system to use your customer email list in order to grow your business zone.

This system is able to time the email and target the audience with suitable contents in order to make an offer that they cannot refuse. Hence there is an increase in the conversion rate of your business.

The convertkit team understands the need to send the right content to the right target hence allowing you learn about your customers and organize them according to their needs.


This is powerful email marketing tool which can generate leads and sales for your online business. This is done by using emails, texts, and social media to favor your cause.

One of the attractive features of leadpages is that it uses Facebook ads to the campaign. As Facebook is one of the most populated social media platforms, it makes the job of driving traffic to your website into a much simpler one.

Leadpages offers 130+ mobile-friendly templates which are high performing and appealing to the customers. The unique feature of leadpages is that it offers A/B testing which helps in sorting out the interests of the customers and what works for them.


This is one of the world’s best marketing automation program which takes care of everything from finding your target to brand campaigning.

It allows the user to conduct their campaign through emails in order to sell their product or any information on deals. This is possible because of their campaign builder which also aids in organizing these contact emails in one list without any chance for redundancy.

This tool provides a top quality marketing automation system, which allows you to cut off the time spent on manual labor and instead work on marketing strategies.

It also has a very effective re-engagement programs in place in order to bring back the idol customers back into the business.

Constant Contact

This is another powerful online marketing tool which facilitates email automation and editing. The user is allowed to customize the available email templates.

The editing process is usually done by a drag and drop mechanism which makes the job very simple. Much like other email marketing tools, constantcontract also send email to the right type of target audience and at the right time.

This enables the user to achieve a better conversion rate and hence more business. This software also performs managerial tasks, all you have to do upload the email list and the program will take care of the marketing aspects of bounce rate and activity.

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular marketing software on the internet. Much like other email marketing tools, this also offers drag and drop interface which can be used for email customization or for management purposes.

All you have to input your contact list and use the available tools to manage and contact. The user can also segment these contacts and email lists depending on their activity and interesting contents.

This will enable you to approach the right target during the times of promotion. If you lead is converted into a sale, the customer is kept engaged with your business time to time by sending automated emails for feedbacks and other updates on your business story.

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