12 Free Google SEO Tools for Digital Marketers Success

Google is the know-it-all wonder search engine that is never left alone when we talk about Search Engine Optimization. Google and SEO go on hand in hand.

The reason why Google has become such a hot commodity today is that of the sheer expanse and massiveness of its reach to the audiences. Solely because of this reason, Google tools are indisputably a lifesaver for digital marketers.

Several different Google tools help users in functions like crawling time, ranking time, indexation time, Google bit,etc. to essentially further optimize a website.

These tools aid in communicating with Google checking the list of keywords that the users put in search engines to ultimately land on your site, your site’s statistics and a whole lot more.

Google tools also assist the users in finding links to their websites, which is another colossal boon if you are a digital marketer.

You won’t be able to avail all the traditional perks of an SEO tool with Google tools but what you will definitely receive is a world of vital SEO insights for your website.

So if you are a website owner whose sole aim is to generate traffic to your website, Google tools are a must for you!

Google Search Console

Google search console is one of the free services offered by Google to the website holders. It helps you monitor and maintain the activities of your website.

This tool will help you understand the Google standards of your site and hence provides you with a chance for optimization. By using the Google Search console, you are providing Google with the access to your account.

This is a very suitable tool for app developers, administrators, and SEO specialists. The main purpose of this tool is to keep you updated with the performance of your site and avoid any disruption and also to keep your site clean of any malware or spam issues.

Google Analytics

This is a web analysis service offered by Google which will report and track the website traffic. This is most popularly used web analytics tool on the internet.

It comes in two variants, one based on subscription-based, targeted at the enterprise users and the standard free service. This tool can also filter out the poorly performing sites and collect data on how the visitors were directed to this site and the site’s bounce rate.

In combination with the Google AdWords, the users are allowed to view the site’s performance and its conversion rate. It can even track the site’s sales activity, transactions, and their revenue and provide a quantitative analysis of its performance.

Google Keyword Planner

This is tools is used to search for keywords that will aid your online campaigns. It will help you find new keywords that are relevant to your campaign, product, and services that you offer thereby allowing you to reach your target audience.

The keyword planner will present you with the statistical data of the keywords and their frequency of usage. After considering these data, you can decide whether or not to use them in your campaign.

This free-to-use feature of AdWords is a very useful resource that will help you come with potential keywords list and ideas which can be used to plan your strategy.

Google Trends

This tool will keep you updated with the top trending stories in real time. This will be sorted according to the location of the event and other aspects and will be presented to you.

This will make your search easier and help you gather knowledge about what is trending in your locality. The News lab of Google curates the featured stories and present to you at the top of the page.

This is done to provide the readers and viewers with additional insights into the data. Google Trends ranks the trending stories based on the relative spike and frequency of the stories across Google Searches, YouTube, and Google News.

Google my Business

This is a very resourceful tool which is widely used in businesses and organizations to manages their online presence. This will ensure that your business handle gets, even more, recognition through sources from searches and maps.

By providing the input on your business information and verifying them, you are helping your customers to find their way to you. It also allows you to put your business story on the internet and make it available for your customers to read.

You can manage the information on your business that is available on Google and thereby guiding you to establish an interaction with customers about your stories.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Whether or not your website is mobile-friendly decides the amount of traffic you get to your website. In most places of the world, smartphones have become the major access tool to the internet.

The traffic from smartphones exceeds the traffic generated from other sources. Hence it becomes critical to make your site, mobile-friendly. The Search console’s mobile-friendly test is one effective way to check the mobile-friendliness of your website.

This is a very simple test which requires the URL of the website and delivers the result in a minute or so. This test will reduce your job to manage your online presence by inviting traffic from all sources.

Google Pagespeed Insights

The Pagespeed insights tool checks the performance of your website and services from desktop and mobile devices. It runs the test by the fetching the URL of the website twice separately to test the standards for mobile and desktop users.

Based on the results, it delivers a score between the range of 0 to 100 and a good rating will deliver the best user experience. This is a hugely resourceful tool in determining the need for any upgrades in order to improve the user experience.

The Pagespeed insights tool is constantly improving in accordance with the new performance best practices and hence the score will also change accordingly.

Google Structured Data Test

This tool will help you monitor the health of the website and analyze the website for any malfunctions that occur due to templating and other modifications.

The updated version of the Google Structured Data Testing tool now presents you with the ability to view how your website will look like in the search results. This saves you the time taken for making any correction that you will only know after the website goes live.

The website should have all the properties of an object in order to be eligible to appear in the search results. This structured data testing tool will help you maintain the proper designated structure of your website.

Google Alerts

This is a content change detection and notification tool which will alert you when it finds any new results on your interests.

This is a free service offered the Google search engine that sends an email to alert the user about the new results which it finds in the form of newspapers or web pages.

According to the search term the user uses in the search engine, the alerts are generated. This is a good way to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings and google selectively responds with the contents that you will be interested in.

You can just add the topics of interests to your Alert profile and the notifications will find you.

Google A/B Testing

The A/B testing tool offers a unique testing method to test the performance of the two versions of the website or app and determine which version has better performance standards.

This is done by showing the two variants to the users at random and obtaining the statistical analysis of the performance. This will help you determine which versions will have better conversion rates.

The test is conducted by creating a second version of the website by the tool and directing half the traffic to this version.

With the feedback results of the variations, you can determine whether the changes had a positive or negative impact. Accordingly, you can include or negate changes to your website and optimize it further.

Google Consumer Survey

This a Google product designed to facilitate extensive market research by means of a survey conducted on various topics.

It allows you to pick the target audience and ask a certain set of questions that will benefit you. You can even scrutinize your target region and field and conduct a subject-specific survey.

It makes the job faster and easier to get feedback and insights from customers on the internet. This allows you to predict the market impact of your business decision and provides you with enough knowledge to make an informed decision.

It builds a platform to reach your target audience and interact with their needs.

Google Tag Manager

A tag is a code snippet that sends information to a third party system like the Google search engine.

The tag manager is a management system that will allow you to update these tags on your website or app. The tags may be intended to analyze the web traffic or to optimize your website and its market presence.

The tag manager allows you to add these updates and snippets on to any SEO tools of Google and other tools from the tag manager itself and there is no need to edit the website’s code.

This will reduce the probability of an error occurring and saves you the trouble of configuring the tag every time.

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