Top 4 PPC Campaign Management Tools for Paid Search Success

In today’s competitive world of the internet, brands have to continuously search for tools that help to drive the audience and customers to their website. Most of the times companies need to run ads so that they can get impressions in search results. PPC tools help in the management of your campaigns in a better way.

Use of PPC management tools:

1. You get to have a certain amount of control and a large number of options so as to reach a maximum number of potential customers. Also, you get to control your budget and if you are a beginner you can start off with a pretty low-cost ad.
2. The most important reasons to use PPC management tools is it aids you in achieving your targets within the required time frame.
3. These tools help you save so much of time. You can start to see results in just around one day.


Wordstream advisor is the platform provided to customers in order to aid them in maximizing the outcome of their searches, social campaigns, and in driving traffic, leads, and generating sales.

The automated systems result in the highest quality results for operations on Bing, Facebook, and Google Adwords. Wordstream advising experts also provide PPC (pay-per-click) management.

The company is considered a leader in the digital marketing industry in part for it's free tools and education materials such as AdWords Performance Grader and PPC University. Despite having only been established for a few years, the company's reputation has already established steady growth.

Wordstream software has dropped the cost of sales for their clients by 10 percent while raising their amount of sales by a whopping 65 percent increase.

Look no further for professional PPC tools. Additional specialties include 20 minute PPC, Keyword Research, Trillion Keyword Database, Landing Page Builder and more.


Founded in Foster City California 5 years ago, this fast growing company was created by a small handful of ex-google employees and runs with a staff of around three dozen.

Specialties include AdWords Scripts, Advanced AdWords, Adwords Reporting, Optimization tools, Google Adwords, and PPC Reports.

The main objective of Optmyzr is to lower the amount of time required by advertisers spent on tasks like reports and accounting, while simultaneously increasing positive results in every aspect possible.

The company operates out of Denmark, Chile, and India besides the USA. They work with big business as well as individuals and start ups. The machine learning utilized by the company is available in all languages.

With Optmyzr you can build better campaigns and easily maintain them, improve already existing campaigns you have already begun, and access everything though automatic reports.

Optmyzr has been named best PPC management software with good reason – they are a step above the rest.


A company that is actively helping to build the future of MarTech, Acquisio has been a leader in the digital marketing industry for the past decade.

They have a particular focus on the small business sector and creating the same opportunities as are available to large corporations.

In the past Acquisio managed thousands of accounts on a global scale for big business clients with their masterful cross-platform optimizing advertising.

Now they are geared towards smaller companies and offering them the leverage of nearly 3 dozen algorithms available through machine learning developed by a team of rocket scientists (yes I said rocket scientists) hired by the company back in 2012.

These new formulas help companies to optimize the performance of their businesses on Bing ads, Facebook ads, and Google AdWords.

Acquisio has also partnered with powerhouse companies such as google, national banks, and major online marketplaces to create previously impossible opportunities for the little guys.

Doubleclick By Google

Founded in New York City by Kevin O'Connor over two decades ago, Google purchased the company for over 3 million dollars a decade ago (2008). The focus of DoubleClick by Google is to provide businesses with Ad-serving and Ad-delivery.

In other words, these services provide businesses with ads for their websites as well as allowing them complete control of ad frequency and length of time for displayed ads.

They also offer behavioral targeting, or the tracking of useful information about those who browse their websites such as time spent browsing particular sections of the site as well as from what type of device people are using and where in the world they are located.

Main products include Dart For Publishers, Dart For Advertisers, Dart Search, Dark Enterprise, DoubleClick Advertising, and DoubleClick bid Manager. Performics, which was purchased by the company in 2004, offers the additional solutions of affiliate marketing and search engine optimization and marketing.


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