Top 4 Tools for Social Media Management (SMM) & Analytics in 2019

Social media statistics is your key to unlocking the door to receiving more and more traffic to your website. Social media is now an integral part of any company’s marketing strategies.

So understanding how well you are doing on the different social media platforms is essential to determine if you’re ultimately succeeding in targeting the relevant audience or not.

These social media statistics indicate the percentage of exposure gained by your posts, number of followers, number of likes or dislikes, user engagement, etc.

For example, it is a known fact that the posts that question the readers always generate more user engagement. This is actually an integral part of any social media strategy.

Social media statistics, therefore, is the data produced byan analysis on how well (or not) your social media strategy is working. This insight is invaluable because it then helps you mold your strategies accordingly to reach your ultimate goal – market or sell your business to the visitors.

Several social media statistics analyzing tools available online are a boon to digital marketers around the globe because of their sheer ingenuity in providing genuine researched data that proves to be helpful to strategize accordingly and ensure that you’re going on the right marketing path.


Much like other social media marketing management software this software also supports email automation and customer engagement. The software categorizes your social inbox to keep you aware of what is being processed and what needs your attention.

The smart dashboard of agorapulse is designed to show all the latest comments and conversations about your brand and posts on social media platforms.

This software will arrange the updates in a chronological sequence and hence helps you look through all the happenings in the platform.

It produces the report on return on investments to your clients almost immediately. Hence it is now possible to exploit the opportunities to build a trustworthy relationship.


This is one of the most popular online marketing software which uses the social media platform for its purposes. The has become a smarter way to access social media marketing.

You have to set up the initial settings like the time, posting schedule, the social media platform and the number times you need your content update to be shared. The buffer takes care of the rest for you.

This the smartest way to share contents on social media and gain almost immediate attention. You can keep moving on with your job or personal routine and the buffer will take care of your social media marketing.


This tool is capable of scheduling unlimited emails and messages across all the social media platforms. With more than 16 million users scattered across the world, this software is considered to be one of the best on the internet.

It also engages the customers and subscribers in a conversation which can also be used to advertise your brand. The analytical tools of this software allow you to track your social media standings and work to devise a system to optimize it further.

This software in a number of variants with a different range of features which can select depending on the scope and needs of the business.


This is a social media management software which also offers additional analytical and advocacy tools. It helps the user brands to establish communication with the customers in the social channel and maximises the output.

Sproutsocial allows the user to connect their contents to several social media including twitter, facebook, and Instagram. The managerial capacity of the software enables the employees of the brand organization to curate their content and share them to support their promotion.

The main features of this software is publishing, analysing, and monitoring. This also maintains the account structure of the organizing and also makes it mobile friendly in order to attract the smartphone traffic.


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